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"Why don’t you keep the car? I feel like walking tonight."

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I can’t be me without you.

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Oh, yes, we’re going to have the talk about this scene. Because it’s just so goddamn vital to how Harvey Specter works, what makes him tick, what makes him break, and this woman — Donna Paulsen — is part of him, and she is the only person and thing that takes precedence over his control. 

And the thing is, Harvey Specter is control, and on the rare occasion when he isn’t, he either tries hard as hell to be or fools the hell out of you thinking that he is. Up until this point, Harvey’s never lost his temper to this degree; this is a man in a world full of lions that will claw at you for the smallest of things. Control is essential in the world he lives in, and to obtain it after the past he’s had of abandonments and whys, it’s essential to his sanity — to take control and move forward.

Harvey had his shit together. Until he turned to Donna.

And it’s in this moment that Harvey realizes it; how blinded he was by the rage and years of oppressed jealousy to not even think of protecting the one person who matters most to him. Donna, who’s done nothing but tried to do just that for the last decade, is apologizing for her ex-boyfriend who’s ordered people’s deaths through a landline.

It makes something inside him snap. And I can’t help but think that that slightest of double takes is because what Harvey sees is akin to the many times his father would apologize on behalf of his mother’s absence. She’s apologizing for something that was completely out of her control and knowledge and Harvey can’t let that happen again. 

Donna is the constant in his life, she’s vital to his functionality and she’s a part of him. So, when someone or something violates and betrays her, he will literally beat the shit out of it. 

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and when ava is about to be charged for murder, stephen shows up to make sure we’d never find out | you and stephen, it bothers me

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Harvey and Donna parallels.

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Suits 3.06 The Other TIme -  Harvey and Donna flashbacks

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harvey and donna → ‘shadow of doubt’ + ‘she’s mine’ promo

"what are we waiting for?"

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What you’re doing with him is personal.And this isn’t?

What you’re doing with him is personal.
And this isn’t?

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"Is it a room or a suite? It’s important."
"A suite"
Suits (3x03) - Unfinished Business

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